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Steve & Miriam

We are Miriam and Steve Phillips and we would like to welcome you to our website which is the home of Llanelli Veg. We are a family run business with 50 years experience in farming and have successfully run our Market Stall in Llanelli Indoor Market for the past 35 years.

Miriams parents started the Market Stall in 1979 and we then took over the running of the stall about 10 years ago when Miriams parents retired.

So why you may ask would we have a website when we have a Fruit and Vegetable Stall, what is so interesting about Fruit and Vegetables apart from the fact that they taste great and are good for our health?

Well if the above two reasons weren’t enough we have found in recent times that more and more people are keenly interested in exactly where their food comes from, considering the recent food scares concerning meat for example. We have also realised that many of the younger generation especially children are under the impression that Fruit and Vegetables only come from supermarkets. We, to our knowledge are the only suppliers of fresh produce in the Llanelli area who grow much of the produce for sale on our Market Stall. We do not grow Fruit but much of our Vegetables are grown within 2 miles of our Market Stall on our 60 acre Farm in Llanelli.

Miriam with her mother (ma)

Miriam with her mother (ma)

So this website is designed to show you exactly how we produce the vegetables that you purchase from us. You can see photographs of us preparing the land, planting the seed, watch our crops grow and develop through our gallery updates and finally see us harvest our crops ready for you to buy at our Market Stall. Our website will keep you informed as to what Fruit and Vegetables are in season now, you can meet our staff, see exactly how we run our farm, what crops we plant, what animals we keep and how much work goes on behind the scenes to produce the crops we grow. Just think, you can visit our Stall in Llanelli Indoor Market and purchase fresh vegetables from us that were picked that same morning and not only that but picked only 2 miles away. Unless you grow it yourself you can’t get fresher than that. We know that own grown vegetables taste so much better and we know you are all busy people, so we do the growing for you!

We hope that this is a website you will want to visit again and again, to follow our story through the different seasons and literally watch your food grow! So once again a very warm welcome to our website, enjoy your visit, have a good look around and we look forward to welcoming you to our Stall in Llanelli Indoor Market.