Mr & Mrs H Phillips
Fruit & Vegetables

Business Clients

Since we first opened in Llanelli Indoor Market back in 1979 our business focused on providing high quality Fruit and Vegetables to members of the public who came to our Stall. The public are still our main source of business. However in recent times we have expanded our customers to include supplying businesses who serve high quality food, such as Hotels, Restaurants and Public Houses. We are always looking to increase the number of business clients we have. As you can see if you look at the other pages in this category of our website, we already have well established businesses in this area who we supply with fresh produce on a regular basis. So if you have a business which involves serving food to your customers, what can we as a business offer you?

The advantage that we have over other suppliers is that we grow a large percentage of our own Vegetables on our 60 acre Farm. This means that we will be supplying you with the freshest possible produce and we know as well as you do that the fresher the Vegetables, the better they taste.

We also have the capacity to fulfill large orders where necessary and can obtain specialist products such as Edible Flowers, Micro Herbs and other exotics if required. These specialist products require us to have at least two days notice to obtain them. If we can get it we will get it, if we cannot we will tell you.

We have always done our utmost to fulfill all produce requests from our Business Clients