Mr & Mrs H Phillips
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Our Chickens

We presently have a flock of 45 chickens which is made up of two breeds of chicken, Warren and Light or White Sussex. The Warrens are brown chickens and excellent egg layers whereas the Light or White Sussex are mainly white but good egg layers also. They live in a fairly large stone barn with a large outdoor area which is fenced all around to stop the chickens getting out and foxes getting in.

Our chickens have a wonderful life and are cared for extremely well. Apart from having a fantastic view they have constant access to fresh water and are fed on a diet of corn, pellets but mainly food from our Market Stall. Any excess or slightly spoiled fruit or vegetables from our Stall are chopped up and given to the chickens. They are particularly fond of Lettuce and Cucumber but their definite favourite is Grapes!

Every morning when Steve arrives back on the farm after setting up our Market Stall ready for business the chickens, on hearing his truck all congregate by the fence waiting for him to bring them breakfast. Sometimes Steve teases them by walking along the fence with the food just to see them all following him.

So we have a flock of happy healthy chickens, the obvious resulting outcome is eggs.

We collect the eggs every day, normally around mid afternoon when all the chickens have finished laying. We average around three dozen eggs a day but on occasion can have up to 45 eggs. This proves to us that our chickens are happy and healthy which is of great importance to us. Something else that always pleases us is when one or more chickens lays what is known as a double yolker egg. These eggs can be almost twice the size of a normal egg and yes, you guessed it, they contain two yolks!

We find that the eggs we sell have become extremely popular with our customers on our stall in Llanelli Indoor Market. This can mean that we sometimes run out of eggs, fortunately our chickens will produce more tomorrow.

So now you have seen our extremely pampered chickens, we hope that you visit our stall in Llanelli Indoor Market and try some of our delicious free range eggs for yourself. We can guarantee that once you have eaten our free range eggs from chickens fed every day with fresh fruit and vegetables then eggs from other less fortunate hens don’t taste the same.