Mr & Mrs H Phillips
Fruit & Vegetables

Our Farm

Miriams parents first purchased our farm in 1963 which means that this year the farm will have been in the family for 50 years. The farm is by no means large covering just 60 acres but is sufficient for our needs and we try to utilise the land to its best potential. Originally the farm was a dairy farm producing milk but in 1978 the decision was taken to leave the dairy business and to move into vegetable crops. The following year 1979 we opened our stall in Llanelli Indoor Market and have been there ever since.

Our land is divided into various fields of different sizes. Some fields are reserved purely as grazing for our Hereford cows, one or two fields will be set aside to grow grass which will be cut later in the year and stored as silage in bales. This will be used to feed our Hereford cows during the winter months when the grass on the fields is in short supply. Then we have a few fields which we set aside for crop growing. We will normally rotate our crops so that we do not grow the same crop in the same patch of land each year. This is known as crop rotation and gives the ground a rest each year.

Although a huge amount of our work is concentrated on crop growing there are always plenty of other jobs that need attention, such as hedgerow trimming, grass cutting, day to day repairs and fencing.

Although our farm is relatively small in comparison to some farms it takes an enormous amount of work look after. Obviously during the growing season most of our work concentrates on our crops but there will always be other work to do also. This means that running the farm is a 7 days a week 365 days a year job and is a huge responsibility.

Unfortunately in society there will always be a small minority of people who feel that it is their right to help themselves to other peoples property and farm theft is an increasing problem around the country. Our farm is our livelihood and therefore we feel the need to protect our property against such people. Therefore we have installed a top of the range CCTV system which covers the farm. Some of the CCTV cameras are highly visible but we have many extra hidden cameras covering the vast majority of our farmland. This system came at considerable financial cost to ourselves but we feel that it is a necessity in the present climate. The system runs constantly during daylight hours but is motion activated during the night. We feel it a great shame that we have to have such measures in place but it does give us great peace of mind….even farmers have to sleep sometimes!