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Logs For Sale

Our main business is selling fresh Fruit and Vegetables on our Stall in Llanelli Indoor Market, however we also sell logs for firewood. We often find it necessary to remove trees from time to time on our farm and sometimes a tree will fall or be blown down. When this happens we always try to utilise the tree and will cut the tree up into logs.

This is a very time consuming job as we first have to cut the tree into manageable lengths, then cut these lengths into eight or ten inch lengths. This work is always done by chainsaw which is the most effective method. The eight or ten inch length logs then have to be split depending on their diameter. This is done the good old fashioned way with a large axe. Let me tell you, if you are ever cold outside then split some logs for an hour, you will soon warm up!!

We use a log burner on our Farm so these logs are always welcome for us to use as fuel. However we do at times have a surplus so these extra logs are packed by hand into mesh sacks and stored in our barn to dry out. We only ever use Hardwood for our logs as we believe it burns for far longer than softwood and so ultimately is better value for money. The logs that we normally have available are Oak, Ash, Birch and Beech.

Although selling logs is something we only started last year we already have regular customers who buy logs from us. If customers purchase five or more sacks from us then we will deliver them free of charge with our Free Local Delivery Service.

Nothing beats a log fire on a cold night, so if you are looking for quality Hardwood logs then pop down to our Stall in Llanelli Indoor Market as we always have sacks of logs available for you to view and buy.